Numerology Assistant (software)

Numerology Assistant is simple to use but powerful numerological program - both for hobby and for serious numerological work.

It contains 4 calculators: for date and name numbers, cycles numbers and forecast numbers.

You can calculate 28 numerological numbers and read interpretations of your personal numbers on the internet.

There is no postage for the Numerology Calculator; we will send a link to the computer file to your e-mail address as soon as possible.

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29,00 €

With Numerology Assistant you can:

  • Calculate all main numerological numbers - 5 date, 8 name and 15 cycles numbers
  • Read online interpretations of personal numbers - of yourself or your friends, clients...
  • Read the meanings of numbers - for better understanding of your readings.
  • Make personal numerology forecast for current day, month and year.
  • Calculate name numbers according to improved Chaldean numerological system.

Technical requirements: You must have Excel (from MS Office) installed on your Windows computer. The program works with all versions of Excel from 2003 onwards.

Try the Numerology Assistant: Here you can download the Trial version of Numerology Assistant. You can try it for 7 days without any restrictions. To activate the Trial Version, use this key: H7121-42B78-61158-8C787-F988H-7HH53

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