Numerology Forecast (PDF File)

Firstly, Numerology Forecast gives general insight for the next year - about your prospects in love, work, health...

And secondly, it gives review by days and months - which will be favourable for new beginnings, creative work, financial dealings, dating, entertainment, finishing old issues...

Numerology Forecast:

  • Is made for one year - with bonusforecast until your birthday in two years.
  • Gives the numbers of your Personal year and Personal months and days in this year - so you can prepare for the opportunities and challenges in given days, months and years.
  • Lists your lucky numbers for every month, which can be used for lottery etc.
  • Gives additional instructions for using Numerology Forecast to your full advantage.
  • Makes for original birthday gift - because it is calculated from one's birthday.
  • Is a written analysis, composed from the very best numerological sources.
  • Comprises of approximately 10 pages.


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