Norad for Woman’s Watch

Norad Plus is a self-adhesive copper plate with informational codes for our protection – it is applied to our wristwatch casing so it touches our skin.

Norad Plus reduces the risks of cell phones' radiation, electric installations, computers... Through special informational codes it helps improving the water in our body, and copper reaches the body through our skin and helps with rheumatism, lumbago, sciatica...

The plate is manufactured at Zlatarna Celje and coded-informed at Vili Poznik's orgone laboratory in Slovenia.

Diameter: 24 mm

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16,90 €

Special information that is imprinted on Norad by means of certified hydronic technology, an embossed Magic Life environment energy concentrator and information numbers promote the correction of the molecular structure of water, »shattered« by radiation in the body. The Norad plate ensures that the water in the body returns back to the form it had before it is was affected by radiation from cell phones, mobile phones, base stations and other increasingly stronger and frequent non-ionizing radiation.

Radiation from mobile phones and base stations changes water in the body; not only the distribution of water molecules but also their shape. Such water no longer facilitates proper cell function. The body attempts to correct the water for its needs, which requires a great deal of energy that could be used for other important tasks, such as adjusting to the environment and self-healing. Norad »helps« water to recuperate more quickly and with less energy.

The increased bio-field or aura demonstrates that the Norad plate really works. Cytogenetic Allium tests have demonstrated that it also reduces the genotoxicity of water. You can ascertain how it works with a kinesiology test.

At the same time, by carrying Norad plate on our wrist, our body is supplied by needed copper. Thus we can attain the effect of copper bracelet, which is being widely used for diminishing arthritic and rheumatic pain. Norad is made from pure electrolytic copper.

The coded Norad plate is not subject to wear and has been shown to work for a minimum period of two years. The vicinity of a television set or a computer does not affect its protective effects. The same also applies to radiation from scanners and x-ray security screening systems. Its codes can, however, be deleted by strong electromagnetic radiation or lightening.

In 2001, the Norad protective plate was awarded a prize for the best environmentally-friendly invention at the INPEX Fair in Pittsburgh. In the same year, it also received an award at the International Innovation Salon in Geneva.