Informed Cups

Informed Cups revive water and mitigate or eliminate the harmful effects of chemical residues and information of substances that end up in water, including residues of pharmaceutical compounds, whose presence in drinking water is on the rise. At the same time, they also add carefully selected information for more energy in the morning, or to calm you down in the evening.

The cups are sold in pairs, that is one for the morning and for the time throughout the day, and one for the evening.

They are informed by means of the certified hydronic technology.

China cup volume: 200 ml

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The Informed Cups have an effect on the liquids we pour in, which become alive, their molecular structure changes and they become better for all living organisms. They neutralize or strongly mitigate harmful information left in water by an ever increasing number of chemicals. Cold and warm beverages such as tea, coffee, soup, etc. can be poured in these cups.

The cup with image of the Sun adds information to the water for more energy, for a good morning, whereas the cup with image of the Moon adds information for a good night, for a good and deep sleep. Water-reviving information is imprinted onto the china and a part of it has been transformed into a system of numbers, which is, together with the Magic Life energy concentrator, burnt on the outer surface of the bottom of the cup.

Revived water increases life abilities of people, plants and animals. It improves the taste of various beverages and extracts more medicinal properties from plants. Its effect can be ascertained by two tests. The kinesiology test is the simplest and quickest test to show how beverages from the cups affect you, whereas the yeast test shows how informed beverages from the cups inhibit the growth of micro organisms.

Informed containers (cups, glasses, jugs) reduce genotoxicity, the toxicity of water that is on the rise everywhere, as everything disposed of by people sooner or later ends up in water, even residues of medical drugs the body gets rids of with urine. And medication consumption is increasing day by day. Also the residues of hormones from contraception pills, oncology medication, antipyretics, antidepressants, sedatives, painkillers, … end up in groundwater. As they are synthetic, their decomposition process in water is very slow and may last even several years or decades. Such substances accumulate in water, making it more genotoxic, harmful to health. Nobody knows for sure what such a cocktail of medication residues causes to people, animals and plants, how it negatively affects life and health. This is also one of the reasons for a reduced number of sperm cells in men and an increasing rate of chronic and severe diseases. It is practically impossible to find and remove the residues of thousands of pharmaceutical compounds that work in synergy and are completely unpredictable. They cannot be filtered from water, not to mention that it is even less possible to remove their overwhelming information with similar effects as homeopathic medication, only that their effect is pathological. An increased genotoxicity level has been identified all over the world with biological tests that have also been carried out by the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These tests can also demonstrate that genotoxicity of water in informed cups, glasses and jugs can be reduced by as much as 70%, which is why informed products are recommended for children, too.


Why does the Informed Cup turn water into living water?

Because special hydronic technology has imprinted information, gentle vibrations which are preserved by the cup, emitted into the water, thus changing the molecular structure of the water so that it becomes good for life and that negative information is deleted from it in full or at least in part. Magic Life on the external bottom of the cup concentrates energy from the environment and selected numbers also have an information effect on the liquid it contains.

What happens if we drink from the Evening cup in the morning?

You get less energy than you would have gotten had you drunk from the Morning cup.

How long do Informed Cups work?

For many years, if they are not exposed to strong electromagnetic radiation.

Where is such radiation present?

Close to strong electric motors.

Can the Informed Cups be washed in a dish-washer?

No, washing by hand is recommended.

Can animals also drink water from the Informed Cups?

Of course, they like it very much, it beautifies their fur or feathers and also has a calming effect.

Can pot plants be watered with water from the Informed Cups?

Of course, they will be »more alive«, greener, their blooms will be prettier, …